We in ‘Germani’ value our staff as the most important resource. We value the highly qualified professionals from Bulgaria, Germany and Austria who guarantee quality education and dedicated care. Apart from innovative thinking and experience, the most important thing for us is the motivation of the team with a lot of love and desire to work with the children.


Nurses and lifeguards take care of their little ones every day.


Enjoy a short look at the team here.

Gergana Evlogieva


Director of Private kindergarten Germani and teacher in preschool group. Gergana is a graduate of Sofia University “St. Clement Ohridski”. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and later became a master’s student in Preschool Pedagogy. Her experience over the past eleven years has been entirely in teaching German to children in the pre-school and primary school stages. She enriches her pedagogical experience by participating in training seminars both in the country and abroad. Accepts the work of a teacher as a vocation. For her, the most important thing is not to teach children, but to understand and speak their language.

Katya Tsolova

Katya Tsolova

Deputy Director

“Our profession is a mission requiring professionalism and a lot of love!”

Katya Tsolova is a master’s student at “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Preschool Pedagogy, fourth professional-qualification degree and certified inspector at the National Inspectorate of Education. Experienced in educating and pre-schooling children, and in recent years in planning, managing, organising and controlling all aspects of the nursery. She has excellent teamwork skills, loyalty, creativity, good interaction with children and parents, positive attitude and developmental concern for each child.

Malte Möller

Educator with native German

Educator with German as his mother tongue. He has experience in the educational processes and communication with the children in German. From the beginning of the “Germani” kindergarten, Malte has been the best friend of all children.

Diana Svetoslavova


Diana graduated from the German Gymnasium at St. Kliment Ohridski University. She has a long experience in teaching German.

Elvira Vasileva


She learned German in the foreign language high school “Prof. d-r Assen Zlatarov”. She gained experience working with the children in different countries – Egypt, Greece and Italy.

Belora Peneva


Belora is a graduate of Sofia University “St. Clement Ohridski”. She has a degree in German Philology with a major in Teaching German. She has experience in teaching German to different age groups. In her free time she likes to read books.

Lilia Petrova


Lily is a graduate of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Social Activities, after which she continued her development in Trier, Germany, completing a master’s degree in Pedagogy. The most important thing for her is her love and devotion to children. She loves to write, having two published collections of poems. In in his spare time he travels, engages in photography, creative activities, swimming and skiing.

Боряна Григорова

Boryana Grigorova

Teaching assistant with German

Boryana obtained her translation degree at the Institute for Interpreting and Translation at the University of Heidelberg. Before her love for children and the German language led her to Germani Kindergarten, she was part of the Deutsche Bank sales team in Bulgaria, responsible for the administrative activities of the Sofia office.
“Children teach me joy with an open heart and a clear mind. It is a great privilege to be in the company of such teachers.”

ЧДГ Германи Екип -

Irena Aneva

Teaching assistant with German

Irena graduated from the College of Marketing and Management, studied psychology and speech therapy at NBU. There is experience in working with children in both Bulgaria and Germany. Her dream of working professionally with children became a reality in 2019 when she started working in a municipal kindergarten in Germany. She defines working with children as a vocation and a pleasure. She has interests in creative activities, which she often applies in her work with children.

Симона Димитрова

Simona Dimitrova

Teaching assistant

Simona is a graduate of Burgas Free University. She studies “Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy”. She took part in a qualification course in Art – Coaching and Art Pedagogy. She defines herself as a man of art, involved in music, painting and folk dancing.
Accepts the teaching profession as a mission to inspire. The most important thing for her is love and patience for the children.

Кръстина Василева

Kristina Vassileva


Kristina graduated from the University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” specialty “Social Pedagogy” and the Technical University – Sofia, Faculty of Engineering and Pedagogy specialty “Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy”. Sliven. She defines herself as a patient person who loves children. For her, the teacher is the person who opens the child’s doors to the world and supports him to discover it.

Мая Чернева

Maya Cherneva

Тeaching assistant

Maya is a graduate of the Academy of Economics “D. A. Tsenov” – Svishtov, specialty “Marketing and Planning” – pedagogical profile. She has 26 years of pedagogical experience as a teacher of economic disciplines, an educator in a school hostel, an educator in a Youth Home at SOS “Children’s Villages” Bulgaria. For her, being a teacher is a vocation and a challenge. She has experience with children of various ages as well as at-risk and behaviorally challenged children.

Светлана Кирилова

Svetlana Kirilova


Svetlana Kirilova. Graduated from the Medical Academy, specialty in dentistry, Master’s degree. She has worked in the specialty for a long time. Recently she discovered the pleasure of working with children. In Private kindergarten “Germani” she feels complete.

Валентина Асенова

Valentina Asenova

swimming coach