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We in ‘Germani’ value our staff as the most important resource. We value the highly qualified professionals from Bulgaria, Germany and Austria who guarantee quality education and dedicated care. Apart from innovative thinking and experience, the most important thing for us is the motivation of the team with a lot of love and desire to work with the children.


Nurses and lifeguards take care of their little ones every day.


Enjoy a short look at the team here.

Greta Dimitrova

Kindergarten Director

For us, the Germani team, it is a privilege to share our knowledge and our experience with the children every day and to be inspired by their curiosity and their positivism.


Our goal is to love and understand them and to encourage them to be as a great family. A team of highly skilled professionals ensures daily that the little suns are healthy, happy and always smiling.

Diana Svetoslavova


Diana graduated from the German Gymnasium at St. Kliment Ohridski University. She has a long experience in teaching German.

Tsvetelina Markova


Tsvetelina Markova has a Master’s degree in Social Pedagogy from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

Malte Möller


Eva Vladaycheva


Eva has a Master’s degree in “International Tourism”, currently undergoing pedagogy at Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”.

Teodora Mitzeva

assistant educator

Teodora is an assistant educator. She has long experience in working with children.

Zlatka Doneva


Zlatka has a master’s degree in social pedagogy from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. She has worked and lived in Switzerland and Germany.

Nikolay Evtimov

swimming teacher

Nikolay is a swimming teacher, graduated from the NSA and is a Republican champion of swimming.

Nikolay Petkov

football teacher

Nikolay is a football teacher at FC Olympia. He lived 5 years in Munich, where he worked in a football school.

Ivan Neykov

tennis coach

Ivan is a tennis coach. He has graduated from NSA, has a PhD and has many years of experience as tennis coach in Bulgaria and abroad.

Emiliya Stoyanova

dance teacher

Emilia is a longtime teacher of classical, modern and folk dances.

Miglena Cvyatkova

teacher of applied arts

Miglena is a teacher of applied arts. She has a Doctor’s Degree in Textile at the Academy of Arts and a long practice as a lecturer.

Maria Hristova

music pedagogue

Maria is a long experienced music pedagogue. She graduated Music Pedagogy.

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