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Monthly fee update for the 2022/2023 school year.

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Dear Parents,

It is important for the team of Kindergarten,, Germani “ to be able to provide a quality service in fulfilling the task we have set ourselves – the upbringing and education of your children. The economic factors in the country in recent months have made it necessary for us to update the monthly fee in a timely manner so that we can continue to provide the service to the children and to you in the manner in which we currently offer it.

In connection with the inflation rate in the country for the last months, exceeding 4%, according to clause 9 of the Contract for education and upbringing of a child in the Private kindergarten “Germani” and by decision of the Board of Directors of the Private kindergarten “Germani BG” EAD, starting from September 1, 2022, the monthly fee for all current and future contracts will be at the rate of :

– 1200 lv. for nursery group
– 1100 lv. for garden group